"A single vineyard, by design."

Kobus Estate Wines produces small lots of Pinot Noir from a single 2.7 acre vineyard in the Russian River Valley. The Kobus Vineyard is situated in a unique mesoclimate located at the foot of the Eastern Hills section of the Russian River Valley. The goal at Kobus Estate is simply to produce wines that reflect the terroir of this singular site.

Founder Biographies

Founder Martin Kobus is a Dutch native and an award winning Bay Area based designer. He and co-founder Chris Bergin have been life and business partners for over 30 years. They purchased the vineyard that is now the source of their wines in 2016. Their passion for excellence translates directly to the wine business. For them the wine is a manifestation of the elegant moments their designs help to create. Partners Astrid Kobus (Martin’s sister) and her husband Stephen Kay have been around wine for much of their lives. Stephen’s father was president of the Napa Valley Vintners Association in the1970s, a time when California was just climbing onto the international wine stage. Stephen has been a student of wine for many years and is now bringing his knowledge to the business. Together Astrid and Stephen are the “boots on the ground” at Kobus Estate Wines, running the business day to day.